Shrubs & Ornamentals

Dedicated Services to Nurture and Protect Your Yard's Jewels

Transform your yard into a showcase of nature’s splendor with Turf Tech’s Shrub and Ornamental Care Service. Our specialized treatments are crafted to ensure your decorative plants not only survive but thrive. From targeted one-time sprays addressing specific issues like insect invasions or nutrient deficiencies to our comprehensive Shrub Plus Program offering year-round protection and nourishment, we’re equipped to bring out the best in your garden. Let us help you maintain a landscape that captivates and delights all year long.

  • Tailored Treatments

    Our services are customized to address the unique challenges and needs of your shrubs and ornamentals, ensuring optimal health and growth.

  • Expert Care

    Leverage our expertise in horticulture to prevent common and rare plant diseases, insect infestations, and nutritional deficiencies.

  • Shrub Plus Program

    Enjoy peace of mind with our Shrub Plus Program, guaranteeing your plants receive essential care through six targeted applications per year.

  • Guaranteed Satisfaction

    We stand behind our services with a promise to re-treat your plants at no extra charge should any issue arise between treatments.

    Core Components

    One-Time Sprays

    Address immediate concerns with our one-time spray treatments. Whether it’s battling an insect infestation or correcting a nutrient imbalance, we provide swift, effective solutions to restore the health of your plants.

    Core Components

    Nutrient-Rich Fertilization

    Our fertilization program, including spring and fall applications, uses premium granular fertilizers to enrich your soil and plants, promoting vigorous growth and vibrant blooms.

    Core Components

    Shrub Plus Program

    Our flagship Shrub Plus Program offers unparalleled care, with six applications per year covering vital nutrients, insecticides, and fungicides. This continuous attention allows us to preemptively tackle potential issues, ensuring your garden remains a stunning retreat.

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    Ready to Transform Your Yard?

    Your dream outdoor space is within reach with Turf Tech’s Shrub and Ornamental Care Service. Begin with a consultation to assess the health of your garden and discover how our tailored solutions can enhance the beauty and vitality of your plants. Trust us to nurture your garden into a breathtaking landscape.

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