Mow St. Augustine Between 2.5"-3" Tall
St. Augustine grass prefers to be mowed between 2.5"-3" tall. Mowing any shorter could expose the roots and cause them to dry out.

Turf Tech Lawn Spraying

Turf Tech, Inc. is a Jacksonville lawn spraying and indoor pest control company that was started in 1978 by Gary Moreau, who’s continued oversight and leadership has led to the best lawn spraying company in North Florida. We are also the leader in lawn spraying services in the Nocatee community.

Jacksonville Lawn Spraying

Our expert lawn technicians can provide you with a free lawn analysis to determine how to protect your turf from damaging weeds and insects while providing vital nutrients from professional grade fertilizers.

Our proprietary blend of chemicals and fertilizers is mixed in small batches to customize it to the daily needs of your lawn and includes essential insecticides, broadleaf weed control, and nutrient rich fertilizer.

Customer Testimonials

Our satisfied customers give us an overall 5-star rating from 3rd party review company.

Tony, Claude, and Corey have been excellent. I have been using Turf Tech for thirteen years. They do pest control inside and outside my house. They were just out here to take care of a fungus that was growing in my yard. In the past, they have done ant control and fertilized the garden and shrubs. I like their service very much. They have very personable technicians.
Beverly A.
Turf Tech has never let me down. I've had them off and on for about 5 years. I had a bad experience with another lawn service, and I always found myself going back to Turf Tech. The guys treated me well so I decided to stay with them. They always come when I call and are always receptive to my needs.
Sandy T.
Best lawn care in town. Turf Tech has customer service second to none. Their customer service team responds to calls within 24 hours, or at least gives you a call back. The chemicals they use are also second to none. My yard is better than anyone else's in the entire neighborhood.
Brian F.



Jacksonville Pest Control

Our Quarterly Indoor Pest Control program is designed to target roaches, spiders, ants, & silverfish using a minimally intrusive three step approach consisting of the initial treatment followed by two booster treatments.